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Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty. Your employees should know that if they do the job they were hired to do with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency, you will support them.Harvey Mackay

The most valuable – and costly – elements in any organisation are its people. Enhancing people’s overall performance is the most reliable and cost-effective way to add real value. But people are complicated creatures, both physically and mentally. They have good days and bad. They get ill. They sleep badly. They can be inspired (or tired). And as all leaders know, it’s even tougher at the top. 

  • Reduce Work Related Stress

  • Reduce Sick Days

  • Increase Performance and Outcomes

  • Facilitate Good Health

Big gains that will work for everyone are notoriously hard to deliver. Globally, managers continue to spend enormous amounts of time and money on training – but the return on their investment is often disappointing. Because the focus of so much training is about the job, not the person. 

Yoga is different – which is why companies like Google and Apple, the American military, and  World Cup winning  football teams use it. It addresses the mind and the body, fits in easily, and has been shown to deliver a host of benefits from better sleep to measurable stress relief. 

We organised a wellbeing event at our company to promote both mental and physical wellness.  As part of the program we arranged for Mala from FeelGood Yoga to provide therapeutic yoga sessions to our employees.  We asked the employees to remain open minded as this was not your traditional yoga session and would benefit those who had particular health concerns like back pain, shoulder pain, stress, repetitive strain disorder, migraines, menstrual issues etc.  The session was conducted on a one to one basis to ensure dedicated focus was given to each individual.  The feedback received from every employee who had a session with her was extremely positive, she provided them with advice and tips on how they can use the techniques from the session with her to improve their conditions at home too, which showed how passionate Mala feels about improving the health of her clients.  All individuals felt the benefits immediately post the sessions and spoke positively of her and the therapeutic yoga conducted.  I would highly recommend Mala and the unique services she provides as an holistic alternative to medical treatments as this improves mental wellbeing as much as physical health.

Payal Patel , HR DIRECTOR

“Before you’ve practised, the theory is useless. After you’ve practised, the theory is obvious.”

Yoga and Other Leadership Practices for Uncertain Times

Harvard Business review 


Help Your Staff to help Themselves

  So let’s talk about how a modest investment in theraputic yoga for your organisation can deliver something remarkable…



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