Therapeutic Yoga how it’s different

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured
and endure what cannot be cured – B.K.S. Iyengar


Yoga therapy is different from a normal yoga class as I work one to one. I bring my knowledge and experience in assessing your health issue, starting with how you stand, move and breathe. In collaboration, we then set out a plan to address your priorities, needs and long-term goals.


You do not need any previous yoga experience. I use props to get you into a position. The theory is in most cases we will need to start with creating space within the body, relaxing the central nervous system, so the body can then begin to heal. We’ll look at how you stand and breathe, identify any imbalances and set together both your short and long term health goals.

Yoga is a science that approaches the human existence in a holistic manner, ultimately harmonising the body with the mind. It is not just about fixing the body, but healing and rejuvenating it.

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Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit broken pieces together.

Don’t worry I’ve got your back.

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Back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit their doctor. It's also really personal how it affects the individual. Let's see how I can help.


Some people refer to Neck and Shoulder pain as Shneck pain. Mainly because they are interchangeable and intimately linked. Lets see if we can figure it out.


Everyone experiences stress, it’s different for everyone. However, long term stress can affect your mental and physical health in many different ways.


Change defines many womens health concerns. The physical and hormonal fluctuations that occur in our bodies, can feel like we are victims of our bodies rather than friends with it.


Emotional disorders and imbalances affect us all at some point in our life. If left unchecked they can lead to feelings of nervousness and irritability. leading to problems sleeping and concentrating.


You don't recover from an addiction by stopping using. You recover by creating a new life where it is easier to not use. Everyone needs to escape, relax, and reward themselves. Discover new ways of rewarding yourself.


Your chance to immerse yourself, tackle a specific health issue or just relax for an afternoon.


With wellness programs on the rise. Creating a healthy, positive environment in which to work is proven to be essential to productivity, as well as employee retention and happiness.


Amazing workshops and classes, they’ve really helped my back pain and everything we did was adapted for my back issues. Mala really knows what she’s doing and understands the body, pain and how everything we do is connected. Helped with my overall wellbeing too, I’d highly recommend her for anyone that’s suffering with pain or want to look after themselves.

Sonal Gir, Gift Log

I have worked with Mala 1:2:1 and in her small group classes. Mala’s practice has been the most meaningful and restorative experience for me. Her soothing voice, deep knowledge and practice experience have allowed me to experience the physical and emotional benefits of yoga.

I have had issues impacting my immune system for a long time. I have done a variety of things to boost my immune system and it is my belief that working with Mala has assisted in integrating what I have been doing by connecting mind, body and spirit.

I cannot recommend Mala highly enough and am hoping that we can keep her busy so she doesn’t disappear off to India for years!

Ms Tamu, Livethreesixty

I would recommend Mala’s Yoga and Meditation class and one to one yoga therapy to everyone who has any bodily pain or simply want to feel energised with your body. Mala’s very skilled, knowledgable and understands her profession, how she works with your body and mind through Yoga  is different,  it natures your body to release the pain, whereby it begins to heal naturally. Going onto my 50’s I started to have many different pains in my body and mentally feeling exhausted. After having attending Mala’s yoga’s a few times, I got hooked. As time went, I noticed I no longer suffered from foot hill pain, knee pain, back pain and my body became more flexible and I found more energy in myself. It is all thanks to Mala’s Yoga class and one to one session

Mrs Parmer, Psychologist

Dear Mala,

A little lockdown treat today. Thank you for all that you are doing with mum, she raves about her sessions with you and has her mat permanently set up.

There are so many times I am able to say to her,What would Mala suggest? Can you practice what Mala has taught you now to settle you? Her response, I am and yes it helps a lot.

I am so grateful, With love Em & Ad

Emma B, Your Content Goes Here

It is with great appreciation that I write this review.   I was introduced to Mala by my daughter Emma who lives in Australia.  I am 70 and live alone with type 2 diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Pain in my shoulders and back, hips and also recovering from breast cancer.  I used to get breathless and have dizzy spells.  Mala has patiently encouraged me in yoga poses to improve my breathing using techniques which have controlled my dizzy spells and helped me go to sleep.  It’s amazing as I’ve had these spells for years and they were getting worse but not anymore! Mala has helped me tremendously in my health conditions.  My session with Mala have changed my life.  ThankYou.  Looking forward to many more sessions to make my stiff muscles supple.   In closing I wish to thank Mala from the bottom of my heart for all her expertise in yoga and listening skills, she is an angel in disguise.  God bless you Mala in all you do.  With gratitude, Norma

Norma B - Em's mum!, Your Content Goes Here
Hi all, I would like to share my experience of Yoga with Mala, I had neck pain and women issues when I started yoga with her and joined her sunday yoga sessions and did a few 1:1 sessions and oh my god her knowledge is incredible, you can really trust her with your neck and neck pain, she taught me the fundamentals of yoga which I have not read or seen anywhere before like using yoga strap to help with posture maintenance. Truly a gem of a find from this group (RA) , thank you Mala for helping me alleviate my neck pain. ❤️
Sweta Shah, Your Content Goes Here
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