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Neck & Shoulders

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Neck & Shoulders


Neck & Shoulder Pain

Have you been spending long hours on your phone or at your desk? It’s hardly surprising that you neck and shoulders are aching. Its sometimes difficult to figure out what the root cause of the pain.

  • Relief & Relaxation

  • Stretch out the Stress

  • Posture correction

The body is built for mobility and flexibility.

Modern life styles don’t really help us maintain the flexibility we are born with.

After having surgery on my neck twenty years ago, my neck and shoulders have been tight ever since. My day job did not help. Now that I have retired I have the time to fix it. I came to one of Mala’s classes, she noticed the tightness immediately,  since then I have seen her since privatly and the results are amazing within a couple of weeks I am almost pain free. I would highly recommend her services.

Vivienne •Retired Personal Assistant


Relief, Recovery & Revitalise

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