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Back Pain


Back Pain


Is your back dictating what you can and cannot do?

It’s time to take control,  manage your back and stop letting your back manage you.

I can help you.

  • Relieve your pain and discomfort

  • Correct your posture

  • Move with ease again

  • Learn what works for YOU

We will work to increase space and release muscle tightness around the vertebrae. We will look at your posture, how are you sitting, standing and walking ?

Our sessions will help provide symptomatic relief for a couple of hours as you develop a regular practice, the spinal muscles get strengthened and space between the vertebra return to normal.

From a therapeutic perspective we’ll also look at the emotional and physical support you have in your life, identifying the tensions that need to be addressed.

Amazing workshops and classes, they’ve really helped my back pain and everything we did was adapted for my back issues. Mala really knows what she’s doing and understands the body, pain and how everything we do is connected. Helped with my overall wellbeing too, I’d highly recommend her for anyone that’s suffering with pain or want to look after themselves.
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Relief, Recovery & Revitalise

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